Been Neglecting My Blog

Sorry guys, this blog is just not a priority anymore. I’m trying to update it as I remember to.


September was good month, it was about the same as last September so I was very pleased with it. In fact, if I count my Amazon sales, this September was pretty good. So far October is well behind last year’s October. In 2011, I almost hit $100k in revenue and we are going to fall short in Oct 2012. Competition and Google’s algorithm changes have definitely put a dent in my sales.

I am concentrating on making more products and rolling them out for next year.  I’ve been sending samples back and forth with China so things are moving.

Amazon is moving alot of volume for me.  I need to keep sending them inventory.  At this rate, I am pretty sure I will run out of stock this Christmas.  I didn’t plan properly for it and I only have one final shipment coming from China for the rest of 2012.

Real Estate

I have not talked about this in a while.  The truth is that I don’t even look at my REI holdings anymore.  My townhomes in Utah are being managed by a good PM company and all I get is direct deposit every month.  I look at the bills sometimes but usually I don’t pay attention to them.  I did see that they replaced the carpets in my other townhome in exchange for my tenant renewing their lease.  I have had good tenants in there for the past 2 years.  No evictions or missed payments.

My condo in Chicago is doing pretty well.  My tenant pre-paid the rest of his lease a few months ago.  That’s always nice.

My Avondale house keeps having repair issues.  I think I’ve replaced the AC unit ($2400), shower faucet ($240) and garbage disposal ($200) in the past 3 months.  The good news is the tenant has been there ever since we’ve had the place and has always paid.  In return, I always fix anything that is broken quickly.  I don’t know how much longer she will be there, when she moved in her kids with in grammar school.  Now they’ve graduated high school already!



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