Back into the Real World

Well I am back in AZ and have started another week of work.  Yes, I call it work now because it really is work.  I think I’m putting in about 4 hours a day now between my stores and my other businesses.  It really is time to get an employee and everyday just reaffirms it.

Today I went to see a bunch of office/industrial space.  I saw one that has some promise.  It is 1850sf and asking $1550/mo.  It has 3 offices, a reception area, bathroom and most importantly about 1000sf of warehouse space.

I hope the warehouse space will be big enough.  It looks like it should be fine, but you never know how much inventory I will end up with as I open more and more stores.

Right now my plan is to have one office for myself, one office my first employee who will pack and ship and process orders.  The second office will go to my second employee who will work for my other business.  I just hope that it is enough room because I could see myself needing an additional employee for my new set of stores.  Worse case is that I’ll end up using the reception area for that.

In the month of June when I was gone, business suffered a little due to lack of customer service response.  But it was still a good month.  I had 40 less orders than the previous month but actually had more revenue.


For those wondering about my trip to Prague, I will say that it was very memorable.  I may even go so far as to say that it was my best trip ever.  Maybe it’s because it’s fresh in my mind.  Maybe not.

I think that I loved my Prague trip because it allowed me to go back in time and become a college student again.  It certainly brought back memories.  There are things that we forget as we grow older and we often wonder if we can live the way we used to before.  Things like:

  • living in a 8×10 room
  • sleeping on a really crappy twin bed
  • ramen noodles (they taste so good in a dorm room for some reason)
  • sharing bathrooms
  • trying to sleep as drunk students talk in the hall at 3am
  • going to class and falling asleep in them
  • skipping class to go do something fun
  • college dorm living next to girls
  • hanging out with 20 year olds
  • trying to do laundry with real crappy coin op machines
  • hang drying your underwear in your room

I did like living this way for a month.  But I was getting tired of it during the 3rd week.  I think that 4 weeks was a good duration.  I guess I won’t know until after I get back from another trip if my memories and ranking of this trip will change.  You always seem to remember the last vacation you were on only.  My Machu Picchu trip seems so distant and it was less than 2 months ago.

All I know is that I’m already looking for another study abroad trip for next summer.  Destination: Australia

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