Back from Vegas

This past weekend I was in Vegas for the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event.  The final table was played on Saturday afternoon.  I was there to watch and support my friend Jason Senti as he made it to the November nine as the short stack.

*** Warning Spoiler Alert for those who will be watching it on ESPN tonight ***

This was my first and probably my only final table event I will ever go to.  It is very rare for someone to make the final table at the main event.  My thought was that watching hours of poker, without knowing the hole cards would be very boring but it was really exciting and nerve racking.  The audience was filled with family and friends of each of the nine players.

In the end my friend knocked out the 9th place player and survived two all ins that were very intense.  He was knocked out on a hand where he held AK vs. 10-10.  The flop came KKQ and we were estatic.  The turn was a Jack and his opponent hit a brutal 9 on the river.

Poker at the main event final table is unlike anything I’ve ever felt.  So much is riding on each hand or rather each card as it is turned.  That river could have been a $500,000 card as he would have doubled up and had some chips.  Early in the day, he ran well with a runner runner flush and those cards were literally worth $400,000.  In the end he finished 7th and earned a payout of $1.35 million so it was a very good day.

After the bust out.  We all headed to the casinos/clubs to celebrate in what turned out to be a very fun night.  I managed to go to Vegas and not gamble at all.  The entire trip turned out to be free for me as the rooms were comped and I won 4 straight credit card roulettes this time so I didn’t pay for any meals!

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