Avatar 3D: Real IMAX and Fake IMAX

So today I’m going to see Avatar with my parents at an IMAX 3D theater.  We are going to the morning show this morning to avoid the crazy crowds that I’m sure will be there later on.

Honestly, I’m not expecting a really good movie, but I’d like to see how the 3D looks.  I also wanted my parents to see a movie at a real IMAX theater and also so what 3D looks like in movies nowadays.

If you’ve never seen an IMAX movie, you should definitely try to get to see one at least once.  It may be overwhelming to some.  A real IMAX screen is over 70ft tall and 90ft wide.  I was looking for local theaters the other night and I noticed that IMAX is available in many theaters.  Based on my past IMAX experience with the huge screen, I just could not believe that certain normal theaters had IMAX.  This is when I discovered that there are “fake” IMAX theaters out there.

They aren’t really fake in that they legitimately are IMAX.  But people who have screen real IMAX call them fake because their screens are only 28×58 feet.  That is a huge difference when compared to a 70×90 foot screen.  These fake IMAX screens also charge about $5 more than a standard theater.  So if you are going to pay the extra $5, be sure to go to a real IMAX theater.

I would be pissed if I paid $15 expecting to see a 70′ screen and walked into a 28′ screen.  Yet, IMAXs are doing that to people all the time.

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