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8 days ago I ordered a bunch of articles from people on digital point forums.  As I said in that post, I placed one order for $30 which gives me 15 articles of 250 words each.  I gave them a subject and keywords for each article. I placed a second order for $30 which gave me 10 articles of 150 words but each article is posted on a separate blog.  For these I gave them link text and URLs and a subject.

I received my 15 articles last week and they are pretty decent.  At $2 per article I wasn’t expecting much, but I would say that these 15 articles were well written, had no spelling errors and most importantly they made sense.  I received the articles in word format and began to place them on my other websites.  I’m not sure if this person outsources his articles or actually writes them himself.  If he writes them himself, I may give him specific topics to write about next time.

My second order was for $30 for 10 articles posted on 10 blogs.  So far, they have completed 5 articles and placed them on 5 separate blogs.  These articles are pretty bad.  There are all sorts of grammar and spelling errors on them.  They were probably written by someone overseas.  The good news is that the links and link text were correct.  These sites are only good for their links.  The content is pretty bad.  It is amazing that people probably make $10-$20 a day on these types of blogs.  I doubt that these links will be worth much, although $3 for a permanent link can’t be that bad.

I placed another order today from another article writing company.  This one cost me $80.  The deal with this order is that the writers write a 500-750 word article.  Then they spin it, which means that they move the text and sentences around or re-write small portions of it, into a couple hundred articles.  Now you can argue that you won’t get 500 unique articles, but you’d get 500 very similar articles.  Then they take these 500 articles and add different anchor text and links to each one and submit then to article submission sites.  The goal is to get 500-1000 incoming links within different articles with different anchor text and different link destinations.  For $80, we’ll see how it goes!

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