Aloha! July Update

Since the time change in Hawaii has got me all messed up, I’m sitting here typing this late at night because I can’t fall asleep.  In a few hours I have to wake up as we are going on a shark cage dive at 6:30am.  So this is probably a good time for me to write my July update.

Amazon isn’t really making many sales for me.  Ebay is doing ok.  The facebook campaign is working well, I am consistently getting 1 or 2 likes a day now.  Pretty soon I should have a decent following and I will blast out a good one day deal.

My stores bounced back pretty well in July.  Gross revenue was up and so were profits.  I had a pretty good month and it should only get better now as we go into the busy season.

My Ferrari repair bill came out to $13,600!!  And now it needs a new battery for $100.  Oh well, I guess that’s part of owning a Ferrari.

I don’t have any special strategy plans right now, but I do have alot of stuff coming from China.  What started out as small shipments is now large, lotsa dollars worth of stuff coming almost every month.  When dealing with China, they only accept cash and you get your product a month later.  So I am becoming cash poor in my business.  But it’s not too bad, I don’t have to sell the Ferrari just yet!

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