All Text Link Ad Spots Sold!

Text Link Ads
Yesterday marked the day that all 10/10 of my text link ad spots were sold.  The final spot sold at the all time high of $18.00!   In addition, I also have 4 post level ads sold.  My thanks go to text links who have been actively marketing their business and also providing great incentives to sign up new customers.  Text links takes 50% commission for selling the ads but it will still generate about $80/mo in revenue for me next month.

I have not had an advertiser cancel on this blog yet.  The ones who got in early paid a very cheap price for their ads.  I’m not sure how the text link algorithm works, but pricing seems to increase with every ad sold, but then it decreases as time goes by until another ad is sold.

Text links has a $100 in FREE Links promotion running right now.  In addition, they also have an August promotion (good for a few more days) where you get 15% off new orders for the month of August.  Just enter the code “august” when you sign up (you have 24 hours, LOL).  The discount applies for the life of the order so get in cheap!

With text links, you can strategically target certain blogs in which you think will do well in the future. Just imagine if you pay $10 for an ad spot on a start up blog (or use the august coupon and pay $8.50) and that blog blows up to 1,000 visitors a day and more.  Everyone else will be paying $150/mo and you’ll be paying $10/mo.  What a bargain.

I haven’t used text links to promote this site because it’s just not a site that would benefit from promotion.  I’m still saving my $100 in free links.  However, once I get my online/e-commerce site up and running I will definitely use text links as part of its marketing.

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