Ajoy from Prague

Well actually from Budapest.  I am typing this from my hotel room in Budapest, Hungary.  The past week has been incredible and it certainly reinforces that fact that what I am doing is correct for me.  I joined a study abroad program through Gateway Community College.  It is a one month class at New York University in Prague.  I am taking digital photography class.  There are about 60 total students in this program taking a variety of classes from my digital photography class, to art history to the history of religion and even international business.

I arrived last Friday and I really cannot believe that I have only been here one week. I have done so much in a week and I have 3 weeks to go!  While it does suck that I have to literally do work, while the other students “pretend” to do homework.  The sacrifice of a few hours a day is really nothing.

My daily schedule has looked like this so far.  Wake up around 6am (That seems to be my normal wake up time even if I go to sleep at 2am) and get online.  I take care of as much of my business as I can until 8am.  Then I head for class.  Our classroom is a 30 minute walk and train ride away.  The classroom is in the heart of old town.  You know this famous clock in Prague Astronomical Clock?  We can see it from our classroom.  The picture below is taken a few steps outside of our classroom building.  It’s one thing to visit a place, but to live there and really see it everyday is another.

Getting back to class.  My class ends at 11:15am, so we usually walk around Old Town for a while and then grab lunch.  Then we head back to the dorm, where I take my usual afternoon nap.  We then go exploring the city in the late afternoon and get some dinner.  The sun sets around 10pm here and rises at about 4:30am so there is very  little darkness time.

I had a flashback college like night and day yesterday.  A couple of us took a real long walk to visit a St. Peter and Paul’s church and we ended up getting home at around 11pm.  I took my nap and woke up at 1am.  I knew I had to get my ebiz work done because we had a long day the next day, so I was on my computer until almost 5am.  Work is alot slower here because I’m using my laptop and it’s just a little more tedious with the smaller screen.  Anyway, I got about 2 hours of sleep only.   At 8am we took a field trip to Prague Castle in the morning and as soon as we got back to the dorms we had to get to the train station to board a train to Budapest.  After a 7 hour train ride we arrived in Budapest at 11pm.  It took us another 2 hours to find our hotel and hostel and get situated.  Then we went out to eat and I finally hit the bed at 2:30am.  It was really a long an adventurous day, but well worth it.

Below is The Church of St. Peter and Paul in Prague which we walked for 2 hours to get to.  It should have taken maybe one hour, but of course we got lost.

Below is the inside of Prague Castle.  As with Machu Picchu in Peru, it is very hard to contemplate how old this castle is and how much craftsmanship went into building it.  The oldest part of Prague Castle was the basement which was built in 800’s!  Sometimes I do stand that and think, “I’m standing in a real castle that was built over 700 years ago!”  I used to think parts of Arizona were old when it was built in the 1880s.

This room below was an indoor jousting arena. It’s hard to tell from this perspective, but it was a very long room.  This was one of the first rooms built without any columns to support it.  To the side are massive doors and wide stairs to allow the horses to walk up into this room.

More posts to come.  I will try to upload as many photos as I can.

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