Advantages of REI investing…

Well, since things are slow in my REI world and it’s Thanksgiving I thought I’d put a post together about why I like REI investing. Other than the potential money aspects, there are countless perks of not having to go to a 9-5. I find myself realizing these things when I am out and about…

One afternoon, I was at LA Fitness working out. Then I walked into the basketball court and of course at 2pm on Thursday, nobody else was in there. So I shot about 500 free throws (68% FT average BTW) and thought, wow I can’t believe that I’m doing this on a weekday at 2pm.

Every Thursday, me and my dogs go for a 2 hour hike in the White Tank Mountains at 11am-1pm. I like going at this time because there’s usually nobody else on the trails.

I can go to IKEA at 10am when its empty.

My plane tickets are always cheap because I fly Tuesday and Wednesdays.

A long day for me consists of more than one errand, like Target and the bank… whew, what a long day!

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