A domain name issue

I got a letter from an attorney today regarding one of my domain names.  It basically says that my website is using copyrighted photographs and other copyrighted materials and that my domain name is infringing on their copyrights and trademark.  They also filed a complaint with ICANN.org last week.

So basically, I’m sitting here decide what to do.  Honestly, a simple email to me would have probably sufficed.  But I guess in this time and age you have to bring in lawyers for everything.

I did some research on these types of cases.  What I find sort of annoying is that these companies not only want the site removed, but they also want the domain name.  That is the part that annoys me.  These corporate idiots don’t bother to register their domains and then someone registers a similar one which ends up getting better SEO than theirs and they get all pissy.

More to come…

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