$724 to Install a Toilet?

Yes, that is what I was quoted for supplying and installing a toilet.

The house in Avondale had a few issues this past week.  One was that the garage door came off the track and wouldn’t budge.  I called my garage door guy who is the cheapest repairman in the world.  He went over and re-aligned it and replaced a cable.  Total bill was $77.

The next issue was that the tenant found a wet spot on the carpet in the upstairs hallway.  I called Rescue Rooter to go figure out where the leak came from and they told me that the toilet bowl itself had a small hole in it.  Then he proceeded to tell me about their toilet install.

I knew that it was going to be pricey when:

  • He told me in detail about the great shut off valve that he was going to install
  • He told me about the quality steel braided water line hose
  • He told me about the fancy toilet floats and seals that they use
  • He told me about the wax ring that was better than a regular wax ring
  • He told me that he would adjust the toilet mechanicals in the other bathroom (toilet tune-up) normally $195, but he could do it for $99.

I should have stopped him, but I was very curious to find out the price.  In my head my guesstimate is going from $300 to $400, to $500.  Then he says 724 and I’m like seven dollars and twenty four cents?   But he was seriously charging $724 for a toilet!  I could get a whole bathroom redone for that!  The good thing is that after I told him it was too high, he didn’t lower his price.  He just said ok and left.

So I called another place today and they said that their ballpark is about $250, including the toilet.

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