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What to do, What to do

I get in these business funks every once in a while.  I just become unmotivated to do much.   March is turning out to be a decent month for the ebiz.  Sales are good.  My warehouse is getting stocked with alot … Continue reading

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Car Dealers

I sold my 4Runner last week and had the Ferrari as my only car for a few days.  So I really needed to buy a car quick.  Trying to buy a Honda or Hyundai when pulling up in a Ferrari … Continue reading

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Real Estate Update

I have heard from many different sources and people that the Phoenix real estate market is turning around.  Based on the offers floating around and people complaining that investors are buying everything up, it feels like 2005 again over here. … Continue reading

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Processes, Processes, Processes…

Processes So this past week or month I’ve been working real hard on processes.  I finally got around to getting an inventory system and a barcode scanner and printer.  All of my inventory is now barcoded and scanned as it … Continue reading

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SEO business

I can’t seem to get this one off the ground.  I have people asking me to do their SEO all the time, but I am just not motivated to start this business.  I know I have to.  I just can’t … Continue reading

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