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My Ferrari Goal Update

Back in February I posted a goal of getting a Ferrari. Well it’s 7 months later and the Benz was sold a long time ago. Ebizes are going well so where am I with my goal?  There are 3 months … Continue reading

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Back from Iceland

Just wanted to post a quick update with photos from Iceland. Iceland is a beautiful place.  It is full of waterfalls and beaches.  But it’s also very different in that the beaches are cold and the streams are hot. It … Continue reading

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I Used to Wish I Was My Dogs

Back when I was working I remember always wishing I was my dog every morning. I used to take the train to work back in Chicago.  I remember it clearly, it was the 6:50am train.  A 45 minutes train ride … Continue reading

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Ebiz Update Sept 2011

Here is my monthly report on my Ebiz stores. Here are some numbers August 2011 vs August 2010:  Overall Revenue growth 442%.  Total number of  sales grew 250%.  Profit grew 395%. Remember that I have added more stores so you … Continue reading

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One Month at the Office

It’s been one month at my new office.  I am just getting my shelving in right now as it took a while to find the right ones on craigslist. I am fully transitioned over to my office now.  No more … Continue reading

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