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My Prague Videos

I finally got around to editting my videos from Prague.  The first one I did while in Prague in the first week.  It’s just short edits of me walking to class from my dorm room.  It’s pretty rough but was … Continue reading

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The Lennon Wall in Prague

We visited the Lennon Wall while in Prague.  Guess what I decided to write.  And yes, I went back and put the dot com at the end. I doubt it’s still there.  Things at eye level seem to last a … Continue reading

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SLC Townhome Tenant Steals My Dishwasher

Real Estate A few days ago I get a call from my property manager in Salt Lake City asking if I can call the power company to turn on the power.  This was odd because I thought I had a … Continue reading

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Long Distance Driving and Mixergy

So this past weekend I drove to LA.  6 hours each way and I really do love driving.  Have you guys been on a site called Mixergy?  If not, I highly recommend going there and listening to some of its … Continue reading

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Back into the Real World

Well I am back in AZ and have started another week of work.  Yes, I call it work now because it really is work.  I think I’m putting in about 4 hours a day now between my stores and my … Continue reading

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