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March is a decent month

The first week of March went very well in my stores.  The second week sort of died and then the last two weeks have picked up alot.  With just under 100 orders, it has been a good month for what … Continue reading

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US Postal Service – Why I hate big businesses

Every week on the Undercover Boss the CEO always ends up saying how he’s lost touch with people and how his policies are hurting rather than helping.  The USPS is another great example of this. I print out my shipping … Continue reading

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How Do I Pay For New Shoes?

About 7 months ago I bought some new shoes.   I paid $85 for a pair. I’ve been happy with them but I need to get a new pair. I didn’t want to pay another $85 for them, so this is … Continue reading

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Mt. Kilimanjaro Video

I finally finished editting my videos of the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. The video below is a Summit on the Summit Trailer Video. I do find it amusing how they manage to add so much drama into the trailer. “It could … Continue reading

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New Stores

The hardest part of opening a new store for me is naming the store.  These days, coming up with a cool name is only step 1.  Step 2 is checking the domain name availability.  Step 3 is checking for a … Continue reading

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