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Online Earnings

I haven’t posted my online earnings in a while. It’s mainly because I’m at the point where I don’t feel comfortable disclosing the numbers for certain sites. But I thought I’d just post an update for the month of April … Continue reading

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Yoga Store ebiz posts its first sale!

Yesterday I got my first sale in my new yoga ebiz store. It is always exciting to get your first sale for anything new. With the first sale comes a new journey in order fulfillment. My yoga store has many … Continue reading


Announcing a new ebiz store and the closing of another

Last week I launched another online store. I am going to recategorize all my ebiz1-5 into a single ebiz category because I can’t keep track of which numbers I used for which store. This store uses the Interspire Shopping Cart … Continue reading

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Living Life with Conviction

This post was written by Paul M. (Sparlin) on the Fastlane Forums and I thought it was a great post to put on my blog.  Hope you enjoy it. Living Life with Conviction by Paul M. Have you ever noticed … Continue reading

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Finally got a tenant in SLC Townhome #2

This has been my longest vacancy ever.  My last tenant left in December so I have gone January, Feb, March and April without a tenant.  My PM finally got someone to rent the townhome beginning May 1st for $995.  I … Continue reading

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How I Get Less Voice Mails in My ECommerce Stores

In my ebizes I put my toll free number at the top of the page hoping that nobody ever calls them.  There are only 3 types of phone calls that I get. The guy asking questions for 30 minutes and … Continue reading

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Trading the stock market

Another potential income stream that I’ve added into my arsenal lately is actively trading stocks. In the past I haven’t traded stocks with any sort of system. My friend introduced me to a system that he developed last year which … Continue reading

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