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Ecommerce software options

I found a decent ecommerce software package called Interspire Shopping Cart.  I went through the demo and it is very good for $300 Starter edition.  I don’t think the $995 or $1995 editions are worth the money for the extra … Continue reading

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Something funny occurred to me yesterday.  Yesterday, I was golfing with my friend Jon who lives in Canada.  He has been living in Phoenix for the past month and playing golf everyday.  He makes most if not all of his … Continue reading

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Looking for some good directory software

I decided I want to make a simple directory site for a niche business.  I did some preliminary research and it looks like a competitive global field but non-competitive within specific locations.  You may be wondering why I would try … Continue reading

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Poker Poker

I think it’s been 10 months since I wrote about my actual poker playing.  I moved up to $0.50/$1.00 last week which is also called NL100 meaing that the maximum buy in at a table is $100.  The money is … Continue reading

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#1 on Google! NOT

I almost fell out of my chair when I googled my main keyword for my ebiz1 and my site came up #1 on the Google search results.  For a second I was about to scream out loud but then I … Continue reading

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Backwards interest rates

Looking at my mortgage statements the rates that I am paying for my homes are so backwards. My primary residence loan is 30 year fixed at 6.75%.  That should be a great rate!  Even during 2005 people were saying, rates … Continue reading

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My KTB site

So remember my little site that is chugging along?  Well it will be a year old tomorrow.  364 days old and below is how it did.  $463 in one year.  Not bad for a simple little site.  As you can … Continue reading

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