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Loan Modifications

I have been talking to my loan holders about their loan modification programs.  It’s pretty clear to me that whoever you talk to knows nothing.  This is their first layer of defense.  I think they do this on purpose to … Continue reading

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General Update

I have been letting this blog slide a little so I needed to make an update post.  I haven’t been that motivated to update this blog lately.  Not sure if it’s the new year, the weather or just all this online … Continue reading

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Cardinals are in the SuperBowl

Aside from dropping a fly ball in the bottom of the last inning with the bases loaded and 2 outs, my weekend was pretty good.  I went hiking 3 times last week, got a nice tan.  It’s weather like this … Continue reading

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Live 2009

This blog is called Live Learn Invest but it seems like all I’ve been talking about is Learning and Investing lately.  Well 2009 is a new year and I usually reflect upon the past year to see if I “lived” … Continue reading

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Sick Launch Day

My posts have been pretty sparse lately.  Mainly it’s been due to late nights getting ebiz4 up and running. I haven’t had any time in the past month to really work on the ebook with the holiday sales and getting … Continue reading

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Why is writing a book so hard?

Seriously, the problem I think I’m running into is that writing a book is easy.  But writing a good book is very hard.  When I first decided to do this, I was planning on going through the steps I took with … Continue reading

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The Road We Take

As we travel to 2009 I took some time to figure how I got to where I am today.  It’s natural to think about what if’s and how things could have been done better.  But what most of us don’t … Continue reading

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