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Writing an Ebook

I’ve been toying with writing an ebook about starting and running a successful ecommerce niche store lately.  I’ve been doing this for only one year and I’ve never thought that I could or would be considered an expert in this … Continue reading

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Recession, what recession?

Ok, I’m only kidding… I know that we are in a recession.  But Christmas seems to make people spend money even if they don’t have it.  What parent can deny their kids of a Christmas present?  I am taking many … Continue reading

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Final furniture update, finally

Remember my post on about the sale I couldn’t resist?  If not, on August 1st, I bought a whole new living room set and got a second set for $1.  I paid $3,101 for two sets of living room furniture.  … Continue reading

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No more 00 prices

When I first launched Ebiz5, I decided to do the 00 pricing.  This meant all my prices ended in 00 instead of 99 or 95.  I had a dry spell on ebiz5 for a few days and could not figure … Continue reading

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Ebiz5 PPC campaign

In October, I spent about $750 on PPC (pay per click) for ebiz5.  This got me over 50 orders in a 15 day period.  The problem was that with 50 orders and over $6,000 in gross sales, my profit was minimal … Continue reading

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Articles Update #2

On my last post about articles I wrote about placing another article purchase at a place that spins an article and submits it to over 500 article sites.  Well the order was placed in mid November and completed two days ago. … Continue reading

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