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It’s Always Summer Somewhere!

I haven’t really been concentrating on my Ebiz2, which is my kayak store.  After all, it’s winter in the States, who is going to buy a kayak.  I posted back in October that the PPC campaign was not going to … Continue reading

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Christmas Rush is over

Well it was a good month for my Ebiz1 and Ebiz5.  These two did pretty well and should have done much better but my suppliers/dropshippers ran out of stock of pretty much everything halfway into the month.  I had to … Continue reading

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Late Christmas Shoppers

Oh the joys of having a toll free number. TOLL FREE NUMBER + LATE SHOPPERS = LOTS OF SAT and SUN phone calls I answered a few phone calls on Saturday morning, but then I decided to not answer anymore.  … Continue reading

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Tenants no pay!

I checked my direct deposit today from my property manager in Utah and noticed that it was short about $1000.  I called my PM and they informed me that one of my tenants who did not pay moved out after … Continue reading

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Change and Innovation

No, I’m not going to talk about Obama.  I decided to write about this after viewing the video that Cliff posted last week titled Did you Know 3.0?.  That part that prompted me to write this post was when it … Continue reading

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More about the Ebook

I’ve been working on this book just a week or so and it’s already getting too long.  I’m finding that I’m trying to explain way too much and the book loses focus and goes off on tangents. For example, I … Continue reading

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Customer Service in an Ebiz

I know that the goal of the 4 hour work week was to show how you can spend as little possible time as a business and still have it run smoothly.  I can certainly run my ebiz1 with virtually no … Continue reading

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