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EBiz 5: Starting from Scratch SEO

Last night I checked my Ebiz 5 for its two main keywords.  The keywords for my product are two word phrases that describe my product: xxxxxxx xxxx and xxxxxx xxxxs.  These are the same keywords as Ebiz 1.  I made a … Continue reading

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My Condo #1 HOA Fee Goes Up Again

I guess I have to bitch about this every year. Every year at budget time our trusty board at my condo #1 always has to raise HOA fees. Seems like they fall short of money every single year. I realized that I … Continue reading

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Free Linking Building

One thing that I’m finding very useful and cheap is to create your own “other” sites. For example:I sell Widgets online so I have In addition I have: Who better to write about widgets than someone … Continue reading

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Ordered my first articles

Today I hired someone to write me a bunch of blog posts.  Don’t worry, they aren’t for this blog.  They are for my ecommerce sites.  I need to get content up in a hurry so I thought I’d try it … Continue reading

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Outsourcing SEO

While it’s been fun getting my first ecommerce site up to the first page on Google I just don’t feel like doing the same manually for my other ebizes.  It took nearly 10 months to achieve this in why I … Continue reading

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The new car dance

With all this talk about the bad economy and how everyone is hurting, I tried to buy a new car last week.  Buying a new car is not as fun as it used to be.  I mentally set aside 2-3 … Continue reading

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Ebiz1 – One year later

Dollars Last year I wrote, “My goal of this site is to get one sale a day with an average checkout total of $180.  If I can achieve this goal the site would net about $15,000 to $18,000 per year. ” It … Continue reading

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