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Happy Turkey Day!

No real post.  Heading to California for the weekend.  I hear its going to rain.  Looking forward to driving through the southern California desert in a rain storm.  BTW: One of my favorite shows “The Shield” aired its last episode last night.  It was … Continue reading

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Remember SFH#1?

Remember my single family house #1 which I sold last year?  Well I was doing my monthly real estate market check last week and I saw my old SFH#1 for sale.  It had been on the market for 20 days and was … Continue reading

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When does a product price get too high?

I am the type of guy who feels that his time is valuable.  I don’t like to save a few pennies when it costs me some time.  I have always just went to Target and bought printer ink cartidges brand … Continue reading

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Short Update on Apartment #2

Apartment #2 had a good October.  It’s Net Operating Income increased by $6,000 from September to October.  This building is cashflowing nicely and at 96% occupancy.  There is really not much else to report on this property.  That’s always a … Continue reading

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Update on Houston Apartment #1

It’s been 2 months since the hurricane in Houston and Apartment #1 has been repaired and it looks like its back on track again.  To recap on this apartment, this building is a 125 unit complex that was built in 1969.  … Continue reading

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SEO Investing

Last month I spent over $1000 on PPC for Ebiz5.  While PPC is an excellent way to get targeted traffic, it’s more of an instant ROI product.  If I spend $1000 and make $1300, I’m going to keep spending $1000/mo.  … Continue reading

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Articles Update

8 days ago I ordered a bunch of articles from people on digital point forums.  As I said in that post, I placed one order for $30 which gives me 15 articles of 250 words each.  I gave them a subject … Continue reading

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