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Book Review: Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass it On

A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone respresenting the authors of the book Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass it On.  I was offered a chance to write about their book on my blog so I requested a copy.  … Continue reading

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Houston Apartment #1 Update

We have not received any distributions for Houston Apartment #1 yet.  This was known going into this deal.  Investors were told to expect receiving cashflow payments in 12-18 months once we refinance the property and lower our mortgage payments. We have 95% … Continue reading

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Some people have no clue

So I’m searching on craigslist for homes in Scottsdale and I have run across so many of these stupid ads that I really don’t understand why the realtor’s bother.  These realtors that claim to have everything under the sun as a … Continue reading

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Houston Apartment #2 Cashflow Distributions

Today we received our first distribution from Houston Apartment #2.  Our distribution came out to a 9% annual return.  The distribution was for the first 3 months that we’ve own the property. Just to recap, this is a 342 unit … Continue reading

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Update on Apartment #1

Here is a damage update resulting from Hurricane Ike on Apartment #1.  Apartment #2 damage was noted in the previous post. There was roof damage from the wind.  This was followed by major rain which led to water damage on … Continue reading

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Unscheduled update on Houston Apartments #1 and #2

Well as you all know, Hurricane Ike rolled through Houston this past weekend.  We got the damage report yesterday and it doesn’t look too bad. So far it looks like on Apartment #1, we had some roof damage, carport damage, … Continue reading

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The big thumper

Today I received in the mail our team’s new softball bat.  It’s the Miken Freak 98 which is ASA approved.   Bats are no longer just wooden or aluminum and they don’t just run $50 anymore.  This Freak 98 is a … Continue reading

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