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The game show problem

While watching the movie “21” this past weekend the professor character in the movie posed the infamous game show question. There are 3 doors for a contestant to choose from.  Behind one door is a new car and the other … Continue reading

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My furniture update

On August 1st, I bought a whole new living room set and got a second set for $1.  I got my furniture delivered on August 8th and have had a little difficulty in selling it.  I had set my prices … Continue reading

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A Tenant Story

Rewind to October 2007  I received a called my a lady who wanted to rent the home.  She had a long story about her financial troubles and a car accident and she needed to rent a place right away!  She asked me … Continue reading

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I Have a Pill Popping Vet

I took my dog to the vet last week because he’d look like he had some trouble jumping up.  The vet took some x-rays and we found out that my dog has arthritis.  My dog can walk, jog and run … Continue reading

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Havasu Campground flooding

Last April I went to Havasu Falls for a weekend camping trip.  Heavy rains and a dam break resulted in the flooding of the Havasu campgrounds and the village of Supai.  The article say that people camping woke up at … Continue reading

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The Olympics

I think we saw two unbelievable events last weekend in the Olympics.  If you didn’t watch last weekend here are the photos that I believe tell the whole story. Michael Phelp’s win in the 100m butterfly by .01 seconds.  This photo … Continue reading

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Weird call from Countrywide Home Loans

Yesterday I got a call from Countrywide Home Loans.  When I answered the phone I got a quick recorded message that said that it was countrywide home loans and it said portions of collection calls can be recorded.  Then it connected … Continue reading

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