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Real quick update

Short post today.  Apartment #2 closed yesterday!!!  Only thing negative was that interest rates crept up from below 6% to 6.35% by the time we lock.  0.0035% is huge when you are borrowing $10 million.  That will cut into our … Continue reading

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One page checkout!!!

I finally got my one page checkout implemented on my ebiz1 site.  Before today it took a customer 6 clicks from the shopping cart screen to complete an order.  From my google funnel post you can see that I lost alot … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls

Last Friday I went to see the new Indy movie. One thing I will never ever understand is why people bring babies or kids to movies.  There was a baby that was about 8 months to 1 year old sitting a … Continue reading

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Personal Training update

So it’s been 17 days since I got my personal trainer and I am pretty pleased with the progress.  I was 147 lbs when I started and today I tipped the scale at slightly over 152 lbs.  So I have gained 5 … Continue reading

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HOAs and parking on the streets

I got a letter today from the HOA stating that my tenants had a car parked in the street overnight.  For those who don’t live in HOA communities, most new communities do not allow parking on the street at night.  … Continue reading

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Ebiz updates

It’s been a few days for Ebiz#3 and I’m finding out that I’m not getting enough traffic simply through Google Adwords.  I will have to add a blog to this store to get some SEO love. Volusion says that they … Continue reading

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I think I’m straying from the 4 hour work week goals

8 hour work week  I took a step back to see if I was traveling in the right direction.  6 months ago when I started my first ebiz it was a very simple business plan. Get order Send order via … Continue reading

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