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General Update

Ebiz1 So I’ve been going over my data on my ebiz1 and I’m not too happy with the way this month is going to finish.  I have had a noticable drop in people just adding items into my shopping cart.  … Continue reading

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A trick to find empty parking spaces

I always thought that everyone did this but I found out that most people actually look at the cars down the row when looking for an empty parking spot.  I don’t know where I picked this up but I’ve been … Continue reading

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Back from Chicago

I got back into town yesterday afternoon from Chicago.  We spent the weekend at a vacation home in Galena, IL.  It seems like our vacation rental homes keep getting bigger and bigger.  Last year we rented a nice 2500 sf home in Durango … Continue reading

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2008 goal – New car

I mentioned having a goal that I wanted to reach with another ebiz site yesterday.  Robert Kiyosaki has always said that the wrong question is “Can I afford it?” and that the correct question is “How can I afford it?”  The thought … Continue reading

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It’s cold in Chicago

Probably not the best time of the year to leave Phoenix and take a trip to Chicago.  Fortunately I plan to spend the weekend indoors at a nice vacation home in Galena, IL. Nice view.  Just one problem… picture it all … Continue reading

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It’s time for Cubs tickets again

Last year I talked about making money with Cubs tickets.  Well this Friday is that day again.  Selling Cubs tickets wasn’t as successful last year and previous years.  That is because there was no Cubs hype during spring training last … Continue reading

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Ebiz 1 strategy change

Free Shipping On All Orders After my post last week about upselling vs. free shipping I have decided to change my ebiz1 strategy.  Based on the data during the 1/2 month of free shipping I have decided to offer free shipping on … Continue reading

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