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Look at all that equity

I got this from Countrywide yesterday.  Do people really refinance for $12,133?  Let’s see, I pay $3,000 closing costs to get a $12,000 loan.  Hmmmm.  I wonder what the minimum equity is needed for you to get a letter like … Continue reading

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Warning when listing your home for the Super Bowl

I decided to write this post because I know a few of my readers have used rental websites to post their homes for rent.  I have been following the super bowl rental market for the past 6 months in the … Continue reading

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What to do on Super Bowl 2008 week in Phoenix Arizona

Well it’s getting closer to the big week.  After my last post about the superbowl rentals market and about people not coming for the full week, I decided to check and see what there is to do for a whole … Continue reading

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Houston Apartment and General Real Estate Update

Our first 125 complex apartment in Houston is going well.  In fact, there really isn’t alot to mention. Our cost of repairing the parking lot came in less than budgeted.  Landscaping is being done.  Things are on schedule. The potential 2nd … Continue reading

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Super Bowl week arriving this weekend

It’s getting close to Super Bowl time.  All areas in the valley are getting ready for the crazy week that will begin on Saturday.  I have some friends flying in from Chicago with relatively cheap flights. As soon as the … Continue reading

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The Google Funnel

Google Analytics is a great tool for Ecommerce.  In this post I just wanted to show you how the Google funnel works.  Basically, what you do is create a series of steps that your customer must take to obtain a … Continue reading

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Ebiz 2 – I may call it quits

I’ve been struggling to decide on whether I should or should not launch my Protein Skimmer site. I am leaning towards closing up shop even before it has opened. My ebiz1 is doing very well.  Now that it has been up … Continue reading

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