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Contacts and Eye Glasses on the Cheap

Daily Wear Contacts January is usually when I order my yearly supply of contact lens.  I usually get them from  I usually wear my lens alot longer than the recommended 2 weeks, but I had been thinking about ditching … Continue reading

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General Rambling Day

Geek Squad  I was in Best Buy asking questions about a new 19″ flat panel monitor that I bought.  The problem is that my laptop graphics card doesn’t seem to work properly.  The salesman told me to go ask the Geek Squad.  … Continue reading

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I’m a slacker

Walt over at Walt’s Wisdom says I’m a slacker. Check out the video:

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Home swapping

Every year it’s the same tough decision, where do we go mountain biking.  This year again, it’s a 50/50 toss up between Sun Valley, Idaho and Crested Butte, CO. While looking for vacation homes I came across a site called … Continue reading

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Kevin Sorbo’s Celebrity Golf Classic

It’s Friday and Superbowl madness has arrived in the valley.  I’ve noticed that the traffic for Super Bowl rental homes has dropped significantly.  I think that the people coming here have already solidified their plans.  Aside from the parties at nightclubs there … Continue reading

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I just realized why movies keep getting worse and worse

I saw “Cloverfield” two days ago.  It was a decent movie but I got tired of the shaky camcorder style filming after about 30 minutes.  Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this post.  So as I was thinking about … Continue reading

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Exotic cars

My friend had purchased a new car for $50,000 in 2001.  Last week he sold it and got $11,000 for it.  In the 7 years he’s had the car it depreciated $39,000.  We were talking about expensive and exotic cars … Continue reading

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