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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.  See more at: Enjoy this short video on unbelievably bad real estate listing photos.

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Bryant Gumbel still sucks on the NFL Network

I made my first post about how bad Bryant Gumbel was last December.  That post gets a bunch of traffic anytime an NFL game is broadcasted on the NFL Network.  I felt like I should make a follow up post because tonight we … Continue reading

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The SEO Book and my ebiz site

For the past year I’ve been anxiously absorbing all the material I could about search engine optimization (SEO) from online resources.  Yesterday I finally purchased the SEO Book by Aaron Walls.  I was always on the fence about buying this … Continue reading

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Categories and categories

I hate the number of categories that my blog has. As an engineer I like things in a certain organization and clean order.  Simple categories just seems like an easy way to do it. However, it’s just gotten out of hand. … Continue reading

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Making Money Online – December 2007

I thought I’d make this post a few days early this month because I’m heading to California for the Rose Bowl and won’t be updating this blog for a week.  Some of the numbers won’t be 100% accurate because there are … Continue reading

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Investor, Collector, Speculator and Observer

I saw this post on the SDCIA message board and thought it was great: investor=loves opportunity/buys the right thing collector=loves ownership/buys something speculator=loves the action/buys anything observer=loves ideas/buys nothing

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Why Collect DVD Movies

When I was young I used to collect comic books, then I moved up to baseball cards and during my high school days I was collecting coins.  Thinking back, there was always the notion that I collected these items to … Continue reading

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