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Update on SEO results of my first blog contest

As I was researching my search engine rankings for my first ecommerce site.  I decided to check up on the SEO results of the first blog contest that I ran back in June of this year.  As some of you … Continue reading

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The ROI of believing in God

So today in philosophy class we were discussing Pascal’s Wager.  The Wager says that it is a better “bet” to believe that God exists than not to believe, because the expected value of believing is always greater than the expected … Continue reading

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Ecommerce site update – after 7 days

It’s been a week since my site went live.  My current goal is to drive traffic to the site and improve its search engine rankings as quickly as possible.  My goal of this site is to get one sale a day with … Continue reading

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Digital picture waste

We produce and keep so much electronic storage waste when taking digital pictures!!!  I’m guilty of this but I’m getting better.  I don’t know what it is but we all tend to keep things just in case.  And now with memory and … Continue reading

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The wildfires in California

As I type this they estimate about 1800 homes have been destroyed in the California wildfires.  My friend who lives in Orange County has a fire threatening his subdivision.  The fire came to the edge of his subdivision and it … Continue reading

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Potential tenant stories

It’s always interesting to meet potential tenants and to talk to them and figure out their story.  What I’ve found out is that the good tenants usually don’t talk alot.  They just take a look at the place ask a … Continue reading

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Another example of the reach of the internet

This is a great example of how you never know who may be reading what you write on the internet. TripleCD Investments ordered a review on  They offered a guaranteed 15.5% return payable in 365 days with a minimum … Continue reading

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