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I missed a blog update

I just realized that I forgot to make a post for yesterday.  Truth is that there isn’t that much going on right now to post about unless you wanna hear about my golf game. I have my trip to Salt … Continue reading

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Turning $1 into $1,000: A Poker Goal – update #8

Time for another poker update.  Again, I haven’t been playing too much lately.  I got burnt out playing cash games so I switched over to Sit-n-go single table games during the past week. I’ve only played 2,000 hands since the … Continue reading

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Hand stamped sterling silver copper jewelry

My friend Mindi has an online business creating custom handstamped jewelry.  I’m always fascinated by small online businesses.  Minimal overhead, part time at home work, what is there not to like about them?  So I thought I’d write a post … Continue reading

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SFH#2 tenant is leaving

As you probably can tell from the previous post, I have another home available for rent!  It’s that time of the year where families move just before school starts.  My tenants gave me notice today so I whipped up a quick … Continue reading

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Carpet cleaning, stretching and pool maintenance

I just thought I’d make a general knowledge post related to home ownership.  I’ve had to clean and restretch a carpet for the rental home in Avondale before the tenants moved in.  I’ve also been dealing with green water in the … Continue reading

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My tenant in SLC townhome#1 wants to stay

I get a call from my PM in SLC.  It’s ironic that I get a call the day after I made the post about possibly firing them.  I wonder if they found my blog through the link I put in … Continue reading

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General update

Thanks for all your replies on my life insurance question.  After reading them and thinking about it, it doesn’t make any sense for me to keep this policy.  The only I need to figure out is what the tax consequences … Continue reading

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