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Making the jump to multi-family

In a past comment on The Large Multi-unit Apartment.  Another Investor Says: “You think that by partnering, you will somehow leapfrog into more wealth faster. The reality is that what you get back largely depends on what you put in. … Continue reading

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Should you pay down your mortgage?

I was reading an article written by a mortgage broker that listed 10 reasons on why you shouldn’t pay down your mortgage.  It had the same reasons that most articles have.  Since this article was written by a mortgage broker, … Continue reading

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Turning $1 into $1,000: A Poker Goal – update #2

Well, it’s been a sideways battle since hitting the $60 mark a little past my last update.  The dip after $70 down to $45 was due to me 6 tabling and playing fully loaded.  I quickly found out that I can’t … Continue reading

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Living in the moment – it’s all in your head

I think it’s human nature to think, worry or dread the future.  I was at a seminar a few months which brought up many points about how we think.  Here is one that I found intriguing. Most of us who … Continue reading

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Another poker and investing post

At a forum called 2+2, poker players post hands that they’ve had problems with and ask other poker players to give advice and strategy.  What is very interesting in the forums is that players can post their hands and the … Continue reading

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The large multi-unit apartment building

Today I met with my friend who invests in apartment buildings for lunch.  We went over how he had structured some of his deals and partnerships.  I’m trying to figure out how to structure a partnership to go into a … Continue reading

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Monetizing this blog

Jon over at Art of Money has been running a series of posts called “$100 a day blogging.”  I’ve been thinking of really trying to monetize this blog and for the most part running Google Adsense and Text links don’t … Continue reading

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