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Hiking, mountain biking and dog walking in the White Tank Mountains

Well, I finally got off my butt and to do some mountain biking.  I figured I had to get into some sort of shape since I joined the Flagstaff Amazing Race, will probably enter a nighttime race and am going to … Continue reading

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Do you want to retire rich or retire poor?

This was a very interesting question that was posed during the Richdad weekend.  Nobody would answer “I want to retire poor.”  But what does that really mean?  It turns out that most of the population is planning on retiring poor.  … Continue reading

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Comment notification via email – New plug in

I’ve added a new plug-in that allows readers to get email notifications when additional comments are made to a particular post. The reason I’ve added this is because many of you will leave comments with questions or answers to my … Continue reading

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Tucson fixer upper day #47

I haven’t had a fixer upper update in a while.  The reason is because we still don’t have an electrical permit for this house.  Today is our fourth inspection.  Each inspection had different items to correct.  I think we keep … Continue reading

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Air show at Luke Air Force Base

This past weekend has been pretty noisy around my house.  I like about 4 miles from Luke Air Force base and during Thursday & Friday they’ve been practicing for the air show that occured this weekend.  It would have been a … Continue reading

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Investing in yourself for cheap

I usually buy two books a month on finance, real estate or whatever I’m interested in.  Remember I mentioned in a post about personal development that you should invest in your knowledge.  Steve Pavlina’s post about it says that you … Continue reading

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The $25,000 real estate loss limit and AGI greater than $150,000

I just completed my taxes and I owe a decent amount of money.  In 2006 I sold 4 properties, 2 at a gain and 2 at a loss.  Just the proceeds from these properties alone increased my AGI to the point I … Continue reading

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