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Making money online – November 2006 results

The November numbers are in and they are decent. Revenue from this blog: $33.17 Revenue from my We want you to be rich sites: $82.06 Revenue from Amazon sales: $27.86 Total Revenue: $143.09 Google Adwords expenses: $16.99 Hosting expenses: $5 … Continue reading

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Making money online by putting knowledge to work

When I get interested in something I try to get as much information as possible on it.  I read everything I can find online, I buy a bunch of books and most importantly I implement it.  When I was doing … Continue reading

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Virtual money turns into real money

This article about Ailin Graef has brought into reality that video games and its virtual money can mean real world money.  She created a character in an online game named Anshe Chung.  Her character has amassed an estimated $1,000,000 real dollars in an … Continue reading

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DC Ranch Scottsdale, AZ – New construction home

I posted about moving to Scottsdale a few days ago on my post about lease options.  I’m signed up for a bunch of investor mailing lists and I go through most of them looking for deals.  Most of them don’t … Continue reading

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The Lexus commercial re-visited – how about real estate as a gift instead?

One of my readers sent me this email advertisement that he got.  Condos for Christmas! He was so kind write out a scenario too!  Thanks, Rico. Imagine Christmas day… Spouse1: “Merry Christmas honey!  I bought you that Lexus parked outside!”… … Continue reading

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Agloco – some thoughts

At first I had reservations on posting the information about Agloco but ultimately I decided to.  As with any offer where you get something for seemingly doing nothing I was very cautious.  I always weigh the risk vs. reward.  In … Continue reading

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Agloco – Get paid to surf the web

  I read about this company on John Chow’s blog and was at first hesitant to sign up or even post about it.  But after a few days of thinking I actually decided to sign up because I was curious … Continue reading

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