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More Poker Thoughts

With my recent article on “Playing/Investing not to lose” and comments about PF bloggers and saving, I thought I’d post about an online cash game that I was watching a few nights ago. A few days ago my friend tells … Continue reading

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Why does everyone want a GPS when a roadmap will do?

This post is in response to a comment I received from yesterday’s post. “There are very few people who are public in telling how to make money and invest to win instead of spewing theory. Mark Cuban very rarely speaks … Continue reading

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A PF blog asks “Where are the Wealthy bloggers?”

I came across this post from “A Penny Saved” which asks where the wealthy bloggers are.  While reading this I can’t help think of my “Investing Not to Lose” post a week ago.  Saving is just not the way to go … Continue reading

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Update on my bookselling and Google Adwords

It has been a great eight day learning experience since I decided to try out an affiliate program and Google adwords.  I decided to shut down the Google Adwords portion of the campaign today. I had set up Adwords to … Continue reading

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My $3,000 pen

Last night I while signing another contract for another hard money loan that I’m funding,  I thought about the history of the pen I was using. The pen came to mind because the other party was using a nice shiny diamond encrusted pen (no they weren’t … Continue reading

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Making money with none of your own

No money down seems to be a popular catch phrase in most late night guru packages.  The fact is that it is very appealing for people to make money using none of their own.  Lately, I’ve begun to think about … Continue reading

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Tuscon duplex counter rejected

The title says it all.  The sellers rejected my counter offer last weekend so the duplex is dead.  Time to go looking for another property!

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