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TMX – Tickle me Elmo

Yesterday morning, Good Morning America featured the new “Tickle Me Elmo” or TMX (video) and USA Today had an article on it.  My friend Rex who had pre-ordered a bunch of these sent me an IM to check them out … Continue reading

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Tenant would like to buy my SLC townhome

My tenant in SLC townhome #1 has expressed interest in purchasing the townhome from me.  The tenant has poor credit, but apparently it’s not that bad because they can qualify for just a tad under $195k.  I’m thinking of owner … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Firing my property management company

After making my post here earlier today I fired off an email to my PM which basically had the tone of “I just haven’t sat down to find out how much notice I’m suppose to give to fire you, can you please tell … Continue reading

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Firing my property management company

I’ve been trying to get a hold of my property management company for over two weeks.  I have left countless messages to the owner and her secretary. In mid-August I talked to a real estate agent about selling my townhomes … Continue reading

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Name brand irony

Why is it that people who aren’t wealthy try to look wealthy but people who are do the opposite? I’ve noticed that many of my female friends like to buy expensive name brand or designer clothes or accessories.  Most of them have … Continue reading

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No money down!!!

I still get a few questions a month about the so-called “No Money Down” informercials on TV.  I figured I’d clear something up about no money down investing.  Almost any investment can be a no money down investment.  To be … Continue reading

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Cashflow: Dividend paying closed end funds

It’s been a while since I looked at my stock portfolio.  That’s mainly because most of my money is in cash now and I just don’t have time to follow stocks.  In my account I have mainly high dividend paying … Continue reading

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