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Bonus whoring

I┬árecently tried bonus whoring online. This concept was introduced to me by a friend of mine who is a professional poker player. With all the online casinos competing for your business, they all give you bonuses for depositing money. For … Continue reading

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Getting a job

Recently, I’ve been exploring the idea of getting a job. I’m coming really close to taking one… I’m sure I’ve got some offers coming next week. I’m torn between taking one and just continue cruising along like I’m doing now. … Continue reading

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Self Service Car Washes

I’m looking at a self service car wash with 6 bays and 6 vacuums. The problem is that there are no financials from the sellers. So today I go there and sit and watch it for a few hours. Yes, … Continue reading

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Landlord insurance and your credit

I went to change insurance companies for one of my rentals today. When they ran my credit, my rate went from $610 to $900! According to the insurance companies, I came in the middle rating for risk which caused my … Continue reading

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WSOP 2006 (World Series of Poker)

I get a text message on my phone from one of my friends that says, “K, I think you should enter the main event in this year’s WSOP I’ll pay half of the $5k buy in, I’m serious.” So that … Continue reading

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Back at SFH#1

Over the weekend I moved back to SFH#1. I think I picked the hottest days of the year to move. In Phoenix the temperature hit 120 on Friday. You know it’s hot outside when you step into a garage and … Continue reading

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Are sellers panicking yet?

I saw a listing last night that really stood out to me. The main reason is that the seller was selling the exact same model as my SFH#2. I assume that this was a flipper who is totally ignoring the … Continue reading

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