#1 on Google! NOT

I almost fell out of my chair when I googled my main keyword for my ebiz1 and my site came up #1 on the Google search results.  For a second I was about to scream out loud but then I looked up at the top corner of the browser and saw that i was logged into my Gmail account. I immediately logged out and my site dropped back to #6.

For those that don’t know, your Google search results are personalized if you are logged into your Google accounts.  If you constantly click on a certain site every time you search for it, Google will slowly move that site up your search results because it thinks that that is the site that you want.

So when checking your SEO results, make sure you aren’t logged into your Google accounts.

Even though it wasn’t real, I must admit that to see your site at the #1 spot in Google for a search term you’ve been working on for over a year looked real good.

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